NCVO signposts the road ahead in 2021

The NCVO has just published ‘The Road Ahead 2021’, its annual analysis of the changing environment in which the voluntary sector operates.

It’s a comprehensive and thought-provoking piece of work. A summary is available free to all and the full report is free for NCVO members; there are lots of benefits to membership, and you can find out more here.

Based on the PESTEL framework, its analysis docuses on:

  • Political drivers
  • Economic drivers
  • Social drivers
  • Technological drivers
  • Environmental drivers
  • Legal drivers

The framework has evolved from the original 4-heading PEST days, and some now add a seventh to include ethical factors too (that’s the framework I use when working through this with clients).

It’s a very good starting point and would make a great session in your Board retreat, or as a part of your strategic planning process.

Everyone can see the summary here.