LastPass limits its free account – but is it the best?

Password manager LastPass has changed its T’s & C’s so that from 16th March 2021, the free version will be limited to one type of device.

The choices are essentially computers or mobiles, and if for example you choose computers then you can still install the free version on as many of that type as you like (including Windows, Mac, Linux etc).

LastPass isn’t hiding behind some technical reason for this; it looks like a commercial decision where those using LastPass on computers and phones are most likely to pay for the service (currently $3 per month of $4 per month for a six-user family option). They are also moving the email support service to just premium users, so everyone else will need to use the self-help knowledge base.

So, is LastPass the best, and especially in the light of more browsers adding password management facilities? That’s for you to judge, but I will be staying with LastPass for my work and personal accounts. I still believe it’s good value for money, and like the independence from any one browser.

And of course, LastPass is one of a group of zero-knowledge services, where your personal data is encrypted before it leaves your device. If its servers are every breached, your data should still be safe.

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