A case study we can all learn from

In 2021 the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand, of which I happen to be a member, found itself in a difficult financial situation, it reached out to fellow fundraisers with an emergency direct mail campaign.

In the words of SOFII

This is a superb example of fundraisers coming together to help each other. When the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) found its very existence threatened due to the coronavirus pandemic, they turned to the fundraising community for support. Dozens of friends at agencies, suppliers and charities have rallied round to help save FINZ. Together they’ve raised matched funding to stimulate a sector-wide emergency appeal and created a beautiful campaign which fundraisers everywhere can learn from and copy.

The direct mail pack and e-mail communications are superbly written. They allow donors to advertise their support, spread the word and provide a detailed way of keeping track of the campaign. 

Oh, and it could just be the world’s first-ever international matched funds appeal from a professional fundraising association, making it something pretty special in and of itself. We hope it inspires you.


The SOFII article has more information, including an interview with FINZ about the campaign.

Why not see what you can learn for your next campaign?