IT Asset Disposal … as a fundraiser

Here is a new idea that you might use as part of your corporate fundraising portfolio.

DSA Connect was formed in 2011 to develop the MoD’s IT Asset disposal service, and continues to apply the same methodology for public and private sector contracts, an important part of which is that a proportion of the recyclable value can be given to a charity that the disposer can choose.

Disposing of old IT assets (laptops, desktops, smartphones etc) in a secure way can be a problem, and if you can offer a solution as part of your corporate partnerships, you will be adding value for your corporate partner or prospect, as well as generating some income directly.

Naturally, you will need to undertake your own due diligence, but why not build this your next corporate pitch, or talk about adding it to existing relationships?

This was prompted by this article in Civil Society (you may need a Civil Society logon to read it but any CIoF member of staff should have one) and DSAC’s website is