Babylon Health admits data breach in GP app

Sometimes I almost despair about the inability of companies to take data protection seriously.

If you care about these things, like me, it will have come as a real shock that Babylon Health have admitted that their GP app, with over 2.3 million registered users,  has suffered a data breach.

For a few hours on 9th June, some users were able to see video GP consultations of other patients as well as their own. The data breach, caused by a software error, was quickly fixed and they have referred themselves to the ICO.

Babylon Health claim that this app could be “A game changer in the world of on-demand healthcare” and they could be right, but not if people cannot trust it to keep the video recordings of their GP consultations private.

In their own press release they said “We understand people’s health information is sensitive and we want everyone to continue feeling safe when using Babylon.”  I hope we can.