BHF launches postal donation service

British Heart Foundation (“BHF”) has launched a post-to-donate service so that people can donate safely as the country starts to emerge from COVID-19 lockdown.

In the words of Allison Swaine-Hughes, BHF’s Retail Director ”

“Our charity shops run purely on the support of the public, which is why we never take for granted a camera, record or video game that’s donated to us. Every item we sell helps fund our vital research.”

“Our new postal donation service is quick, easy and free. It’s the perfect solution if your local BHF shop is not yet open and you have items you want to give, or you’re simply not ready to head to the high street.”

After picking the items you wish to donate into an envelope, parcel or box, you can print a Freepost label from BHF’s website, and then just take things along to the local collection point. Certainly in my area, the local collection points include convenience stores, newsagents and petrol stations.

To print your Freepost label, more information on what you can donate in this way, and a list of your local collection points see the BHF website.

This is an excellent example of thinking ‘outside the box’ to keep BHF shop donations coming in as we emerge from COVID-19.  How could you apply this sort of thinking to help you restart donations?