Apple increases pressure in ad-tracking row

The public arguments about ad-tracking are continuing, triggered in part by the changes to Apple’s iOS 14.5 where its App Tracking Transparency feature is on by default.

Every iPhone and iPad has a unique device identified called an IDFA (identifier for advertisers). Company who sell ads use this IDFA to target advertisements and to track their effectiveness. With iOS 14.5 app developers will have to explicitly as for users permission to use this IDFA, and it’s estimated that 80% will say no.

This will significantly affect the revenue of advertisers, and Facebook is currently a leading voice in challenge to Apple’s plans.

Perhaps your view of ad tracking is that since you see ads anyway, they might as well be relevant. Or it might be that you don’t want volumes of data about your browsing habits and interests being used so that companies can monetise it. By the way, Facebook has a free tool where you can check how much it currently tracks you on other sites and apps at

This will continue to be a hot topic as, and you can read more about it in the BBC Technology article here.

Facebook’s advice to advertisers makes interesting reading, even if you are not an advertiser.