Offline backups help protect against ransomware

The National Cyber Security Centre (“NCSC”) is focussing on how to protect against ransomware, in its latest NCSC Small Organisations Newsletter (please don’t be put off even if you are a medium or large organisation as it is relevant for you too!). It’s just one of the free resources we signposted at our recent free monthly webinar on cyber security.

They recommend you consider the actions in their blog, and I am an advocate of their ‘3-2-1’ rule of having at least 3 copies of backups, on 2 devices, with 1 off-site. This works just as well when one element is an online backup, whether automatic such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Carbonite etc or manually initiated.

Another key point that the NCSC makes is that one or more of these backups should be offline, to help protect them from being affected by a malware or ransomware attack.

Please talk to your IT provider about this, and of course you can always book a free 20-minute insight call.