Google issued with 10 million euro EU GDPR fine in Spain

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection (their equivalent of our ICO) has issued Google with as 10 million euro fine, for 2 alleged infractions of the EU GDPR. It relates to Google sharing personal data with third parties without the ability to opt out, and the lack of a way of a data subject’s right to erasure being carried out with third parties. It is likely that Google will appeal the decision.

It sounds like quite a technical case, but it illustrates how other European data protection regulators are acting strongly on behalf of data subjects; it will be interesting to see the tone of the UK government’s Data Reform Bill which I suspect may have a different emphasis. In case you missed our article after the Queen’s Speech, you can see it at

If your Spanish is up to it, you can read the details at or, perhaps ironically, you could use Google Translate.