Change Donate to Gift and attract more … gifts

I hope we are all aware that the language we use in our fundraising communications can make a real difference, the science of behavioural economics has a lot which it can ethically teach to us fundraisers.

The idea of ‘framing’ a fundraising ask can be used in many ways (perhaps this could be the topic of a future free webinar, so let me know if you would be interested using

Recent research has suggested that asking people to ‘gift’ rather than ‘donate’ increases how likely they are to give, and how much. In a study that included the US, Europe and Hong Kong people gave 25% more on average when asked to make a gift rather than a donation. However, the effect was much weakened when ‘gift’ and ‘donate’ were used together, so you would need to change all occurrences to have the best effect e.g. a ‘Make a gift’ rather than a ‘Donate’ button.

We realise that a change like this needs planning and thought, but the benefits could well be worth it. To find out more, or talk through how it could be implemented, you are welcome to get in touch in any of the normal ways, use or by booking a 20-minute insight call at (for TinoPai members, but it’s free to join and you get lots of other benefits including free live and on-demand webinars).