UK-US adequacy decision a step closer?

A meeting on 12th January 2023 under the banner of ‘Inaugural Meeting of U.S.-UK Comprehensive Dialogue on Technology and Data’ may not sound too exciting, but one of the deliverables which was identified for 2023 was to ‘Finalize and implement a data bridge for U.S.-UK data flows’ and that means replacement for the discredited Privacy Shield.

Whilst we are playing catchup with the EU, which is already considering ratifying a similar agreement, this will be a benefit to those who need to share personal data with organisations in the US, and at present have to rely on IDTA’s.

Let’s hope this item can move quickly to completion.

And if you are not sure if this applies to you, or you are still relying on SCC’s, you can contact us in the normal ways, use the contact form at or book a free 20-minute insight call at