Happy GDPR anniversary!

Well, does it really seem 2 years since GDPR came into effect? So much has happened, and if you are like most people I speak with, it has been difficult to keep the focus on making sure you stay compliant.

Unless you have your own DPO, it’s likely that you would benefit from our data protection review which can easily be done remotely, and will give you a simple report with recommendations in priority order. It normally only takes 3 days and includes:

  • Privacy notice
  • Data protection policy and IT security policy
  • DSAR and other data subject rights
  • Data breach prevention and procedure
  • Consent and lawful basis for processing
  • Processor contracts
  • Records of Processing Activities
  • Staff and volunteer induction and training
  • Email marketing
  • Transferring of data
  • Brexit implications
  • Retention of personal data
  • Use of DPIA’s
  • Use of sensitive personal data

plus a really helpful Q&A to cover any other specific questions.

To help keep you safe, and to demonstrate compliance with GDPR and PECR, contact me to talk about your data protection review.