Zoom gets more secure

I wonder if anyone has not used Zoom recently?  I suppose there must be some, but licenses went from 10 million before COVID-19 to more than 300 million now.

Zoom have been playing catch up a little to make things more secure, although many of the changes have been to turn on the security settings that most of us were using anyway.

The latest update to 5.0.4 (windows) has changed default screen sharing, removed the ‘unmute all’ option, and now asks for consent if the host tries to unmute you after muting.

One other change which went largely unnoticed, was to fix an issue that meant you could either enable Breakout rooms OR the sharing Whiteboard but not both; you can now have both at the same time.

What would you like to see in the next versions of Zoom – do let me know?  I would like the facility to have different waiting room text for each meeting (especially the recurring ones) and support for triple screens (very handy if you are using PowerPoint in presenter mode).

By the way, we have been using Zoom in a family and church setting, so if you need any ideas just let me know. Board games are possible, and I use a spare smartphone on a tripod as the ‘BoardCam’.