Theory of Change – new resources

Drawing on experience of working with many clients, I have made the process of developing or reviewing your own Theory of Change even simpler.

You can benefit from our simple 8-step plan to build a comprehensive Theory of Change, and to begin to get the benefits from it.

We can offer whatever level off support you need including:

  • Taster – one 30-minute webinar that will give you an introduction to the subject to get you started, and signpost you to some free resources.
  • Webinar – a series of 45-minute webinars, plus 15 minutes for Q&A. In the series of 4 webinars, we will guide you through each step; as these public webinars may be attended by a number of organisations, and no proprietary or commercially sensitive information will be shared.
  • Private workshop – the same series of 45-minute webinars run as interactive workshops, but just for your organisation and delivered in online meeting format, so we can privately discuss issues affecting your organisation. Nick can tailor the material to more closely match your circumstances.
  • Onsite workshops – as and when these are practical and COVID-safe, we can work with you in this way.

For more information, see the reStart Theory of Change pages, or for more information on the full range of reStart modules. They are all designed to help you stay safe and deliver more impact.