EU still hedging on UK data protection

The EU this week published an update on the new partnership with the UK after the transition period.

Whilst it details progress on many topics (you can read all 167 pages of it here), it is clear that the EU has still not decided whether the UK will ensure adequate protection, the requirement for international transfers of personal data from the EU to the UK after 31st December 2020. Interestingly, a prior agreement covers transfers from the UK to the EU until 2024 so as things stand, we can transfer personal data to Europe after the transition but could not receive it.

I get the sense that this is likely to be a last minute decision, but of course that does not help us who need to make sure we can demonstrate compliance in what is only a little over 4 months.

I am recommending that my clients make plans and start to prepare in case an adequacy decision is not reached, and much of this is making sure your records are up to date.

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