Windows 11 will require a TPM chip to run

More Windows 11 information is emerging and Microsoft have conformed that Windows 11 won’t run on a PC without a TMP chip.

The TPM chip stores passwords and encryption keys, and you will be aware of it if you use BitLocker (and there are good reasons why you should).

David Weston, Microsoft’s director of enterprise and OS security, wrote in a blog:

“it’s been rare to get through a day without reading an account of a new cybersecurity threat.” He then referenced an internal report that found “83 percent of businesses experienced a firmware attack, and only 29 percent are allocating resources to protect this critical layer. TPM 2.0 is a critical building block for providing security with Windows Hello and BitLocker to help customers better protect their identities and data. In addition, for many enterprise customers, TPMs help facilitate Zero Trust security by providing a secure element for attesting to the health of devices.”

There are a couple of ways you can check if a device has the TMP installed. You can run tpm.msc from the command line, or you can run the MS PC Health Check. if you are unfamiliar with either or both of these, please ask whoever provides your IT support and only ever download software in compliance with your IT security policies.

For more information, see Microsoft’s Windows 11 FAQ’s page.