Microsoft announces PCs for the cloud

Microsoft has announced Windows 365, a subscription service where users can stream a Windows PC from any device.

Launching with Windows 10, and shortly available for Windows 11, this will enable you to run Windows applications on any device including a phone (including Android or iPhone), Mac, or smart TV. The PC itself is hosted on Microsoft’s servers along with all the applications and data.

Provided you have a reliable internet connection, this could be attractive for a number of reasons:

  • Microsoft manage all the upgrades and security updates
  • Backups should be taken care of
  • You can use older and slower hardware without the need to upgrade

We await the costs, details and any limitations (for example will you be able to install another browser in preference to Edge) but the rollout is starting very soon, but we will report more when we have tried it.

You can see Microsoft’s announcement here.