Future webinars as part of the TinoPai programme

Our free monthly webinar series is taking a short break in December but will return in January, as part of the newly launched TinoPai programme.

TinoPai is the Maori word for ‘excellence’ and the programme is designed to help you stay safe and deliver your impact by taking advantage of a range of our services.

There is a free membership level which can be upgraded in 2 levels, depending on the size of your organisation.

Free resources

  • Monthly webinars available live and on-demand
  • 20-minute insight calls to discuss a question or get started with a project
  • Occasional briefing notes to give detail on new guidance and best practice, or to explore a question in more detail

Subscription services – depending on the size of your organisation (as shown by the total income from the Charity Commission website):

  • Discounted 1-hour workshops
  • Discounted Data Protection Review
  • Exclusive briefing notes and invitations to special webinars and Q&A sessions

The basic TinoPai membership is completely free, and you can choose to upgrade at any time. If you take advantage of a Data Protection Review, the subscription membership level pays for itself.

You will hear more about the TinoPai programme in the coming weeks.