JingleJam – can you benefit from gaming?

Just to be clear, this ‘gaming’ is not about raffles or lotteries. There is a very large, and growing, culture of paying to watch people play video games live, and a number of sites encourage these payments to be made as donations to a named charity. You might already know of Twitch as an interactive livestreaming service, and there are others.

Jingle Jam promotes itself as the world’s biggest games charity event, and they are taking applications from charities for their 2022 season.

If this could appeal to one or more of your audiences, why not take a look at https://www.jinglejam.co.uk/jingle-jam-2022 for more information.

If this is a new area, do make sure it fits with your Theory of Change, and you can always ask us about developing or reviewing your Theory of Change or contacting us or booking a 20-minute insight call (free as part of the TinoPai programme).