5% increase in legacy gift intentions

It does seem that people are more open to leaving a charity gift in their wills at the moment, so could you benefit too?

Perhaps it is partly due to the COVID-19 statistics, and certainly the annual promotion around Will Aid https://www.willaid.org.uk/ really helps, but recent research has suggested that there is an increase in the people who will consider leaving a charity gift in their will.

And yet I am surprised at the number of charities who do not have even a simple offering for this fundraising stream. Even if you do not intend to do any legacy marketing (and if not, I wonder why?) you could at least have a page on your website, and a simple procedure and form for people who are interested.

Why not consider a simple legacy marketing programme? You could do much worse than look at the excellent NSPCC’s approach to this at https://www.nspcc.org.uk/support-us/ways-to-give/leave-charity-gift-in-will/, and I even love the name they give those who do – NSPCC guardians.