Tips and pitfalls for your digital fundraising strategy

We are grateful to a Civil Society report of a session at their Fundraising Live 2022 event, and you can read the full report at

In the session, some tips and pitfalls were highlighted:

  • Use the NCVO Digital Maturity matrix to assess your current strengths and weakness at
  • Avoid thinking of digital as an add-on
  • Instagram, IGTV and TikTok may be best suited when targeting a younger audience
  • Leverage the relationships already in your CRM
  • Remind your audience(s) why they are important
  • Consider the 10-4-1 ratio when posting – 10 posts about your audience, 4 about your cause, and only 1 should ask for a response e.g. donate, follow or act
  • Think about how the needs of your audience are solved by supporting your charity