Tiltify and Twitch for 2021?

One of my clients is using Tiltify and Twitch to diversify their fundraising, and if these words are new to you, please read on.

Tiltify is a fundraising platform that says it focuses on the socially conscious generation. It’s being used by the British Red Cross and Save the Children, as well as many smaller charities. So if you are serious about engaging with a socially conscious audience, take a look.

Twitch claims to be the world’s leading live-streaming platform for gamers, and incidentally integrates with Tiltify.

Why could this be important for you and your charity? Well, according to Forbes, in 2020 Twitch streamers raised more than $83 million for charities they cared about. And its power in the UK is growing too.

There are a few models of how it can work, but one is where games streamers will embed fundraising tools for their favourite charity in the user streams.

And it’s not just about online gaming; Marie Curie raised over £60,000 with tier celebrity online quizzes.

One word of warning though; as with any new fundraising method, you need to make sure it fits with your charity’s values and target audiences, assess the risks, and devote enough time and effort to give it a proper try.