LAST CHANCE to register for your next free webinar: ‘Checking processor contracts and online t’s & c’s – what to look for and how to do it’

Okay, I agree that the title could be shorter but at least it’s descriptive! And it’s a key part of demonstrating your compliance with the UK GDPR, and ought to figure in your annual review plans.

Every organisation uses third parties to process personal data, whether they manage cloud storage, email hosting, email marketing, fulfilment or other services.

If you choose to use a processor, and share personal data with them, then you are responsible for ensuring that they comply with data protection regulations and best practice, and so you need to check their contracts or t’s & c’s.

This webinar is designed for organisations who want to review their processor contracts and make sure they comply with the ICO guidelines (this webinar will deal with data protection but not the legal or commercial appropriateness).

In this webinar, Nick will explain:

  • The UK GDPR principles and the ICO guidance which apply
  • A step by step guide to checking that any contract or t’s & c’s comply with the ICO guidelines
  • The role of a Data Processing Agreement and why you should have one
  • The best approach with online t’s & c’s
  • How to deal with shortcomings in contracts and t’s & c’s
  • How to assess the risks for different types of personal data

Nick will also give an update on international data sharing in the light of Privacy Shield being deemed invalid in 2020, and the end of the Brexit transition period. This is a brief update of the webinar from December 2020.

As always everything will be related back to the UK GDPR, and ICO guidance including their new Accountability Framework.

There will be time for a Q&A at the end of the webinar, and you can submit specific questions in advance.

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